Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions around Steam level.

SteamLevel re-calculates rankings every 24 hours

For the top 1000 this is every 24 hours, For other profiles its done over a longer period of time or when an end user loads the profile on

SteamLevel will update ranks periodically, It might be that your profile has only just been seen by Steamlevel so it will need to be calculated

The country code displayed is what the steam user has selected. If a user changes their country on the steam profile, this will update over the SteamAPI and change in the SteamLevel database.

It may be that SteamLevel has not seen your profile yet, Every time you load your profile on SteamLevel it will update if it has changed.

SteamLevel uses the SteamAPI to check levels & exp and records this in its own database, When viewing a profile the data is refreshed and updated from the SteamAPI.

SteamLevel is not affiliated with Valve. Ranking numbers are not official figures.